Marketing Services

Our researchers have massive experience in providing research input at all stages of the creative process. Our consultants have worked extensively with a wide range of agencies, both in their past lives on the client side and in a consultancy context.

We strongly believe in the benefits to everyone of working in partnership and have developed a range of approaches to making this profitable for all concerned.

Our rapid turnaround times and low costs make us an ideal partner for marketing agencies operating under the time and cost pressures arising from their clients.

Typical tasks include:

  • Providing rapid, low-cost insights into consumer usage and attitudes for use at the pitch stage

  • Providing insights at the early stages of strategy development to ensure that all potential strategies are based on sound consumer understanding

  • Assisting with the evaluation and development of branding and creative execution

  • Providing a final check before media spends are committed behind the chosen creative executions

Techniques used include:

  • Focus groups

  • Telephone interviewing

  • Hall tests

  • Various in-store techniques (see retail section)

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